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Custom Tattoos & Art

Brighter Shade Tattoo is a completely custom art tattoo shop. We house the best tattoo artists in Fayetteville, NC and continue to bring quality art to the downtown area. We are located at the heart of Fayetteville, NC just off the main downtown street, Hay st. Contact us today to set up your appointment with one of our talented artists or check out our online store for some amazing merch!



How Do I Make An Appointment?

Each of our artists has a schedule all their own and different ways of booking appointments. Please view their portfolio page on this site to learn more about booking with one of our artists.

What Are Your Shop Hours?

Tattoo’s are by appointment only, but that doesn’t mean our shop is always closed! Our artists work with their own schedules, but if anyone is in the shop working then we’d be happy for you to stop by and take a look at what we’ve got going on!

How Much Does A Tattoo Cost?

This is a convoluted question as each tattoo and artist is different. Pricing often depends on the amount of work, color, complexity, time, and artistic effort it may take to complete the project at hand. Due to this we cannot estimate what a tattoo would cost until you’ve spoken with one of our esteemed artists.

Where Exactly Are You Located?

This is the easiest question! Right in the heart of downtown Fayetteville, NC. The address is 212 Hay St Fayetteville, NC 28301 and we’re an easy spot on the main street in Downtown. Don’t forget parking is free on the weekends or late evenings. Also, there is always free parking along the Bridge just behind The Capitol building.

Downtown Shop!

We’ve got a shop perfectly located right in the heart of Fayetteville, NC. That is, we’re smack dab in the middle of downtown at 114 Old St Fayetteville, NC 28301. Stop by the shop, visit the downtown atmosphere, and get a good feel for what Fayetteville is all about! 

Damien Lugo’s Brighter Shade Tattoo is the top location in North Carolina for custom art tattoos. All of our artists are well-known and respected in the tattooing community. For years we have all been perfecting our practice and together we’ve built a shop of unbelievable talent. Stroll down hay st in the Fayetteville, NC downtown area and stop by the shop!

Our Artists


Damien Lugo

Owner & Artist

Damien Lugo is a respected and talented artist with over 15 years experience in tattooing. Damien specializes in working with people on large custom pieces and has the art to back it up! Your next tattoo deserves a dedicated artist like Damien Lugo.

Online Store



Damien Lugo’s Brighter Shade Tattoo is a custom-art tattoo shop continuously  adding to the repetoir of ever expanding art and not just in the form of Tattoos! Take a look at our shop for shop for paintings, novelties, trinkets, shirts, and quality custom CRAP! The good kind!

The store includes items such as: Custom Hand-Painted Toys, Art Prints, Paintings, Custom Novelty Items, T-Shirts, other clothing items, antique glass, and much much more! Just click below to enter the store and take a look at all you can get from Damien Lugo’s Brighter Shade Tattoo.

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Clothing & Accessories

Get your Brighter Shade gear complete with custom art from our artists! We will continue to produce different designs on different accessories/clothing so be sure to check back in or suggest what you would like to see. 

Artwork Prints & Paintings

Our artists love art in various forms. If you’ve been to the shop, you’ve seen this art all over the walls. Take the art home for yourselves with our premium prints! We offer various qualities and sizes for each piece so take a look!

Art & What Not

Sometimes our artists feel like working on particularly unique items. Some of those items might be action figures, jugs, or various other custom pieces. Check out this variety of toys, crap and what not that is sure to give you a unique look.

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